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Excelsior Sauna Rentals

Looking to get into the amazing health and wellness benefits of authentic sauna but aren’t looking to buy yet? Our Minnesota sauna rentals are just right for you.

Our Saunas

8' x 20' Mobile Sauna for Rent

The Excelsior

Starting at $550 (1 Day)

Why Excelsior Sauna Rentals?

Hand Built Saunas

At Excelsior Sauna Rentals, we build all of our saunas by hand through our custom sauna building outfit, excelsiorsaunas.com.

We use high quality materials and take pride in our aesthetic exteriors versus the boring ice fishing houses on the market.

Thorough Cleaning

All of our saunas receive a thorough sauna cleaning between rentals and we ensure ample time for both cleaning and drying.

We also only use products that are approved by sauna experts to be sure our saunas stay in tip top shape for years to come.

Free Delivery *

We are happy to provide free delivery for all customers living *within 15 miles of Excelsior, MN*. This includes drop-off to the preferred location on your property and any necessary setup.

We can also help with training on how to use the stove if you are newer to taking sauna.

Benefits of Renting a Sauna in Minnesota

One of the most significant advantages is the fact that you’ll have no long-term ownership commitment, giving you the freedom to enjoy the sauna without any hassle. This means that you can experience the therapy and health benefits that our saunas deliver without having to worry about maintenance or any other associated costs.

Moreover, securing a sauna rental also helps you avoid setback requirements on lakeshores, making the process of using the sauna more idyllic, convenient, and hassle-free.

Mobile Sauna Rental in Minnesota